What exactly is an affiliate?

An affiliate is an individual or organisation who operates a website, a group of websites, a blog or social media accounts which refer traffic to another site for a fee. More often than not, that fee is based on either revenue share (which means the affiliate takes a share of the revenue the company receives from that customer), cost per acquisition (CPA) (whereby the affiliate is paid a one-off fee for referring the customer), or hybrid (which is a combination of the two). Our affiliate program is dedicated to servicing the sportsbook, online casino, online bingo and online slots verticals.

How does it work?

Once you're all signed up, we will send you a Welcome Pack which details everything you need to know about your chosen gambling brand(s) and our program. You will be assigned a personal Bucky Affiliate Account Manager which will guide you through the entire process and design an affiliate package tailored to suit you.

Is it possible to open an account when I don’t currently have a website?

Absolutely! All channels of digital marketing are vital and highly profitable in the eGaming industry. We offer our affiliates the full power and experience of our marketing department to provide material tailored to a target market. If you have a popular blog or social media presence, our affiliate program can work for you too.

How do the referrals from my website make me money?

When you refer player traffic from your site to one of our sportsbook or online casino brands websites, you will take a percentage of what that brand earns from deposits. For example, if you're on a 30% revenue share deal and a player you refer spends £100, you'll be paid £30 for that player, which means unlimited earning potential. If you cross-sell a player from a sportsbook brand to an online casino or online bingo brand, you still earn a commission.

Will I incur any hidden fees or costs when joining the Bucky affiliate program?

There are absolutely no hidden costs associated with the Bucky gambling affiliate program. There is no sign-up fee and all of our marketing materials will be made available to your website.

What are the payment terms and thresholds?

Our affiliates should receive their payments by the 20th of the month. The payment thresholds are as follows: Electronic transfer - £150 Neteller - £50 Skrill - £50 Player account - £50

How can I manage my account?

Our Bucky software allows you to access and promote several brands from one simple system. Once you have logged in, you will find a huge range of tools that are readily available to help boost your conversions. You can edit the details of your account, a variety of reports will enable you to see how many players you have generated during a specific date range, or the total commission earned for that period. These reports can be broken down further by product so you can see what is performing best for you.

Why should I take advantage of the Bucky Bingo affiliate program?

Bucky Bingo work with some of the biggest names in the gaming industry. Offering one of the most comprehensive support packages in affiliate marketing, our team of personal account managers work with you to tailor individual packages that will help maximise your conversions. Our affiliates are at the forefront of everything we do and without you, we couldn’t succeed; that is why we put your needs first. Every single time.


With over 50 years’ experience in the bingo world, join Bucky today!

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